Take control of your power.

We have just celebrated International Women’s Day, so did you celebrate? and if so, was it your success as a woman, or was it the importance and contribution of women? There isn’t a right answer to this but celebrating ourselves and what we achieve increases our self-belief.

  1. There will be a large percentage of women that didn’t do anything to celebrate or even acknowledge the concept of International Woman’s Day and the important women in their life.
  2. Some will have celebrated the concept that women’s contribution is important.
  3. Likely a much, much smaller number will have celebrated their own success as a woman.
  4. Some real thought leaders will have celebrated both.

There have been vast amounts written on the difference between men and women and there will be even more added now we see an uplift in people identifying as somewhere in between. Is gender classification holding us back, do we just need to be the best human we can be without the burden of generalised differences. The responsibility to recognise the significance of ourselves, our difference, our potential, and our contribution sits with each of us. 

This may seem hard to focus on given the lack of pay parity and the still disproportionate male influence at the top in some areas of business, society, and cultural structures. It seems there are considerable accumulative benefits of women acknowledging and celebrating their contribution to themselves and to each other. This would do much to increase the conversation and encourage more people to challenge their own thinking and biases. Whilst the extra attention is important, we also need to challenge ourselves to live as we have already eliminated gender biases and become the best version of our human selves, without limitation. Every one of us is on our own journey of heightened self-awareness and self-belief and it is when we grow these two things together that we are living as our best self. It really doesn’t matter where we start, because we can only progress by taking control of our own growth. 

There are a number of recognised techniques that have been championed to produce great results, all of which seem to share some commonality. Different approaches appeal to different people but the dominant reason people don’t get results is that they don’t commit to continuous practice. I use a daily meditation ritual to help me create the best version of myself, in my mind by creating an imaginary image of what that would look and feel like. Then I complete the process by training myself to let go of everything that is sabotaging or blocking my progress. In the beginning, it can feel like a rollercoaster of progress and failure. But with practice, this feeling flattens out and the process becomes amazing support on your journey to a greater self.

Rather than be consumed by the injustice and inconsistencies of our everyday life, invest in yourself. Manage what you think and believe you can achieve, take positive action and be in charge of your personal growth. Any person who doesn’t believe in themselves or does not take sufficient sustained action as the dominant influence of their own life will always be vulnerable to not feeling recognised, empowered, and fulfilled. Maybe even worse they will be manipulated and controlled by someone else, further cementing inequality and biases as normal for anyone you are a role model to.

By checking in on where you are relative to where you aspire to be, you subconsciously gravitate to improvement and personal growth. You can improve your self-awareness and your self-belief as fast as you are prepared to do the work but stoic consistency is where you will get the greatest benefit. The repeated process of the daily ritual builds undeniable belief such that in time you can not imagine failing at anything you want or putting your mind to it regardless of how difficult that may be.


Mark Collins