Increase sales : 3 ways to be different and standout

This month is all about ideas to improve customer engagement.
Without people noticing your business, engaging with you and talking about their experience to others you can’t grow your business.

There is no reason for bland businesses, and uninspiring customer experiences: I was asked earlier this week by a customer, how they could be innovative when their their business is so reliant on process, to get their people doing things a certain way. “Innovation” is an openness to building NEW products and experiences, doing things NEW ways for the good of the customer and the business. Once identified these new ideas are coverted into a series of processes so everybody can be trained to establish the innovation in the business. Process allows people to work together to repeat something over and over at an expected cost, size and in a controlled timeframe. Which in turn allows you to create expectations and demand, manage customer experience, scale up and confidently invest. Most innovations need to partner process in some way to create benefits and consequential wealth but always be open to further innovation.

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  • We are used to working dogs, although not usually at the garage – imagine the talk!
  • Run a competition of coffee are for your customers once they have finished their coffee
  • A single golf hole at 4500 ft accessed by Over The Top helicopters and the Golf Warehouse, Queenstown.

Your business needs to tell a story, maybe like this! It gives your customers something to remember you by, a fun way to impart some information and a point of difference.

You may say I can’t afford this kind of stuff or I can’t do that? Bullshit! You can, you just have to want to and really find the right help!
Take a look on the web for some really affordable help. Using pictures, stories, animation, songs and jingles, searching for affordable artists can all be done using “fiverr.com”

Bring your sustainability values to life -customers under 35 really care!!!
An initiative like plastic eating mushroom research could be supported by any company wanting to give a bit more publicity to their sustainability values.
Plastic eating mushrooms that can then be eaten – Seriously Cool! Sponsor a PHD student to run their experiment and research in your workplace, show your customers, blog about it on social media and promote it on your website. This positions you as a market leader, innovative and future focused.

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You could be famous for something ridiculous or that you will never sell? This is a great example of the $10,000 bottle of wine idea! It will create fun and something to talk about.

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Les Probert, my business partner in Toho Tourism and Hospitality Consulting and myself are doing some great things with clients to re-establish their point of difference.

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