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The RippleMaker!

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This could be a game changer for a smart coffee business looking for its next Unique selling point!!

Word of Mouth Advertising

What are you doing to create an experience, emotional memory and amazing collateral for unique word of mouth advertising? I challenge you to ask the hard questions? What do we do that is Fantastic and immediately worthy of talking about! This is an example and I have no doubt your business could be equally as exciting.


Vertical Farms

How will this innovation effect our food chain and the price of food? Will it mean our food is more nutritional (full of vitamins and minerals)


perennial-sustainable-restaurant-5Sustainability is not going away so recognise the opportunity to attract another group of mindful people. People that buy because of their principle beliefs and not just price are an attractive proposition.

Work with them to learn how to be more sustainable and at the sometime as tapping into a new niche become a better corporate citizen. This shouldn’t mean any loss of your current customer base!

Click here to read more about a restaurant aimed at showing good food need not be bad for the environment…

Get an Energy Audit today!

Save money and improve your environmental footprint by getting an energy audit undertaken. Give James a call from Independent Energy and see what he can do for you.

James Capper  021 416 037

They talk about savings of 30 plus percent.

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