I have picked out a few things…

I have picked out a few things to encourage you, inspire you and if that fails force you to THINK DIFFERENTLY!
I don’t care what it takes to get you to think differently but it is so important that you do and because of that I have made it my mission to help you! I hope something amongst this little collection of ideas helps you get an unfair advantage!

I challenge you to look at this and not be in awe of our special olympians! A reminder that inspiration is everywhere so if you are inspired YOU are the problem!

The end might be the beginning? This is incredible!
Is Augmented/Virtual reality technology the next society threatening psychological epidemic?

Amazing breakthrough freeing us of our limited belief system or will this be our nemesis. We are surrounded by a society that is challenged to adapt and keep up, and by people destroying themselves with drugs to give them relief from their psychological state. How will people cope as multiple, mixed and abstracted realities become integrated and part of normal life? For me this is incredibly exciting with some amazing upsides. Is this the cure that will catapult the depressed, unhappy and disadvantaged into a space of unprecedented, health and self belief or will it be just another misused opportunity to further amplify their difficulties?


Your reality is being changed, like it or not. This product already exists and might help you extend your thinking of how this illusional mind changing tech might be used- tiny examples of where this will go over the next 5 years

Sustainable food packaging – Milk based food packaging might be great for NZ

Imagine all your food has a milk based coating to keep it fresh!  This product is reported as 500 times more effective than plastic as a barrier for oxygen. Products like this have potential to change how we package food and how long it keeps? Imagine dipping lettuce leaves in this stuff?

My Gift to you
Thinking Differently- over 100 idea starters

I have just released my first E book and for your interest I have gifted you the link to access your very own copy - pass it on to your friends!!!
Simply click on the image to access your copy now!

Mark Collins