How resilient are you, when you have your back to the wall?

resilianceFor business people, fear can present itself in a number of guises. In my experience the best cure for this is by you knowing the real position undertaking an open-minded appraisal of the options, having a well, constructed and documented plan and taking significant focused action. I think resilience is an undervalued asset for any business person, and coupled with the implementation of a good plan it will get you through.

How you can improve your resilience:

  • Practice, kindness and gratitude –even small gestures of kindness (like good manners and assisting someone in greater need) will help you more than you realise. This coupled with always remembering how lucky you are (start with the small things- “I am still alive, I can see, the sun is shining, its raining” etc)
  • Practice humour, enjoy to laugh.
  • Practice managing your emotions through your self talk- “I am ok, I am strong, I can see this through, I can imagine being happy again soon.”
  • Practice seeing problems as opportunities- look for the positives.
  • Practice living with healthy habits: regular sleep, good diet, exercise, take mental time out (IE meditation).
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