Hints and Tips for Starting out in Food Manufactoring

Some tips and questions I wrote for a new customer starting out in food  manufacturing

  •  Identify your point of difference. – this is not “you”!  
  • Develop a unique selling proposition 
  • Identified who your clients are (first and second tier). 
  • Spread your exposure by having multiple clients
  • Make sure you have enough margin built into your products to cover distribution and sales.
  • Consider automated purchasing – some customers demand it. 
  • Is your website oriented for your target market 
  • Review your marketing portfolio. Ask who, where, what, how type questions
  • Know why your customers will buy your product
  • Have you got a secure and reliable source of ingredients
  • Big companies may demand large rebates -understand the politics 
  • Are you set up to fill your orders in a timely manner 
  • Have you got good control and reporting mechanisms 
  • Are your processes and controls really safe?
  • Do you understand the laws you need to comply with?
  • Do your labels work for your customer 
  • What support and advice can you access 

If you need help contact me at thinking@markcollins.co.nz

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