Great customer experience isn’t an accident!

customerserviceExcellence is achievable by every business just by repeatedly putting themselves in their customers position.

Last week I made a mistake with my “e”booking on a Jetstar flight, there was no loss to the airline as I booked my ticket departing on the 8th and returning on the 8th.  I meant to depart on the 7th and return on the 8th. Their process for dealing with the situation was totally inept, I was treated like I was an inconvenience, no one had any discretion or authority to deviate from a company directive out of Australia, the specialist on the information and ticketing desk couldn’t work their computer system to issue a new ticket and $200 and 24 minutes later I was on my way to the flight feeling like I had been punished for having made the mistake to fly with Jetstar.

By contrast I had to buy a replacement printer that same week which I bought from Office Max. The customer service rep emailed me all my choices and I duly ordered it and it arrived the following day. A couple of days later I received a letter and a sticker typed up with all the purchase codes and names of the ink cartridges and consumables it used.  This meant I could stick it on the printer and when I need to order replacements it will be easier to find the right products. Thoughtful and adding value!

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