“GLOBAL” management can kill local initiative.

As more modern businesses become global, there seems to be an ever increasing   tendency to disregard the local style. There are many ways a task may be achieved and too often we see an over prescriptive approach dictated from an office in a city many   km’s away from where the action is. In many cases the prescribed approach may have   originated or be directed from a different country! How could we manage this better? A start may be to genuinely consider the following points:

  • Identify the reason and benefits to be gained from standardizing the processes?  
  • What does the situation look like from a local perspective: client, staff and community?  
  •  What can be done to mitigate any negative consequences?
  • What are the cultural and behavioral differences of people in the place of process  origin as compared to the place being pressed to change to conform and change? Size of population, regional spread and parochialism are significant factors  


Is the company reason believable? “Global best practice” is often not what it says. Make sure the change delivers these gains or rethink the change. This is so easy to do, and so often not done. The result is a loss of individual ownership, commitment and  initiative by local managers and employees. This is passed on to the customer in the form of lack of can do, flexibility and customer focus, resulting in a loss of confidence and  belief by staff and customers alike.

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