Is your future success hidden in the waste cycle of yours or someone else’s business?

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Is your future success hidden in the waste cycle of yours or someone else’s business?
This is a question everyone should ask themselves and in this example they turn C02 from Industrial smoke stacks into an ingredient when mixed with lime becomes a 3D printable concrete!

Read the full article here : http://technotrends.burrus.com/articles/2016/April/Concrete-CO2.html

Value the leaders in your organisation even when they are hard to manage!

leaderIn general terms a manager tends to plan, organise and coordinate to achieve results and a leader tends to inspire and motivate. In a small to medium business it is ideal when the two go hand in hand yet they’re not the same thing, they are complimentary.

Leadership is important as it’s found in every level of organisations. The challenge is to help these people become more effective, often this can be by helping them be more self-aware and embrace a higher level of behavioural flexibility.

Exceptional marketing video

Paralympics – clever inspirational and even if the Paralympics doesn’t interest you, take a look from a marketing perspective. This is an exceptional marketing video!

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