New Product Development

Understanding the new product development process is essential for launching new products to market. New product development needs to be robust, but it’s also a time to test ideas.

As a specialist product development consultant, I’m passionate about taking new ideas to the next level. It’s about creating the right strategies and implementing the right new product development process to jump all the hurdles and be on to a winner. If that’s what you need – get in touch.

New Product Development Support

Typically, areas where support clients in new product development include:

  • New product development process strategy and planning
  • Food product development
  • Food service development
  • Food practice development

Case Study:

Diversification can make a real difference

I was engaged by a mainstream catering firm to help them better leverage into new markets. The key people in the company had divergent passions, and in working with them we identified three key markets that worked to each of their strengths.

In this instance my role included helping them set up three geographically diverse kitchens that tapped into three vertically integrated market levels; contract manufacturing, retail and an event brand.

The new product development process was robust and the company was quickly very successful. We were able to establish distinct points of difference and benefits from each part of the brand. While there were challenges including different cashflow cycles between the three, and some important changes in staff – the result was a highly profitable return for the duration.

While that company has since evolved again, as is so often the case in the food business, we agree the duration was worthwhile and broke new ground in food provision – something we all take great pride in.

Mark Collins