Marketing and Sales Outcomes

Marketing Food Products

Marketing food products successfully takes specialist skills; from understanding the most effective processes to the branding you put on your pack. You need to stand out. I help you do that.

My experience in food product marketing has covered the full gamut. And when we get it right, we can create serious businesses that go to achieve exponential growth. I’ll help you maintain your drive when it gets tough. Success is there for the taking. If that’s what you’re after, get in touch.

Food Service Marketing Support

Typically, areas where I help clients with marketing food products include:

  • Improving marketing and sales Outcomes
  • Increasing sales growth
  • Pricing
  • Export preparation and management

Case Study:

Sales growth in just 2.5 hours!

A new client approached me, initially wanting me to act as a sounding board a couple of times a month. His business was successful, but he specifically wanted an expert outside view on areas where he was refocusing.

The business had become very successful after a hard start-up, but he needed more clarity around its goals if it was going to continue to grow. Principally my role was to listen and question. I was able to give him insights based on experience and propose alternative strategies for consideration; including on how he incentivised sales. And while mentoring the business owner, I did a business development session with his head of sales.

That head of sales crossed the floor to see me at a food show; the results had been outstanding. His renewed passion was driving real sales results. And my client assured me that they had won three major pieces of business worth in excess of $1.5M… in four months!

It’s been a pleasure to see the growth, in the people as much as the company and I’m proud to have been part of making that difference.

Mark Collins