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In all the years I’ve worked as a specialist foodservice consultant, I’ve almost never encountered  exactly the same business needs twice. That’s why I thoroughly scope your needs at the beginning  and present you with a proposal that is specifically tailored to support you, in your situation and  deliver your desired results. There are foodservice consulting outfits who will step you through their programme but experience tells me that your programme should be unique to you. That’s what will  give you better and faster results. So get in touch.

Retained Foodservice Consultant / Advisor / Coach:

When you retain me as your Foodservice Consultant, we agree a term and set of objectives. That way we can choose to work together on long or short term projects with specific goals in mind.

Intensive projects may include contact every other day, while less intensive projects may include  twice monthly meetings. Either way; I work one on one with you, and the members of your  management and operating teams. I understand your business, become part of your team, and help  you reach success as if it was my own.

Retained Foodservice Consulting Fees: from $2K to $10K per month.

Project Specific Foodservice Consulting Quotes and Estimates:

For specific foodservice consulting projects, we quantify the project from start to finish. Typical  projects under this arrangement might include; creating a nest of products, evaluating a process,  undertaking of a facilitation project, writing a tender response, creating a strategy and business case for diversification… and much, much more. For specific projects, I will provide you with a detailed quote. Where the scope can be clearly defined and controlled fixed costs are possible, I will provide those. Typically I provide detailed estimates with fixed price staging.

Shared Success Projects:

As an experienced and successful Foodservice Consultant, I do agree on occasion to working under a shared success basis. For these projects, my base charge is lower and we agree a performance  payment (usually a percentage) to be paid at milestones or intervals. If you have a project that you wish to discuss on this basis, now’s the time to get in touch.

Remember, I only take on clients that I know will see a return in value, many times my fees. Now’s  the time to start that conversation. Get in touch.

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Mark Collins