February 2014

It’s up to you to create the right environment for your success.
(with a little help from your friends as Ringo Star sang it!!!)

Look at this fascinating 1.5 min video of a human powered quadrocopter! What I found absolutely amazing was the problem solving process and the parallels to our business life.

This inventor had to manage the environment, his bicycle powered helicopter operated in or it simply wouldn’t have flown. In business too we must manage the environment inside and outside where necessary:

  • Creating a smart, clean and easy environment in which to purchase (website, ordering or actual premise)
  • Creating the right working conditions – Safe, stimulating, desirable
  • Give staff the tools to work well -Training, good communication, clear objectives
  • Make it fun and a happy place for customers and staff.


As for the bicycle powered helicopter inventor getting the environmental issues right wont in its self create success but it is hard to imagine real success when these things are not right. (Before you click on this, promise me you wont get distracted and forget to come back to the rest of my newsletter)

Achieve your goals ……or shout me lunch!!!!!

Most of us have things that we want to achieve this year either personal or business goals –ideally both.

Many personal development courses teach that a goal must be SMART. Which means: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Tangible.

Your chances of success improve substantially by adopting this approach the real success comes from what you do about achieving your goal (each day)

Create a strategy for how you will convert your list of goals into a list of actions and then diary these actions into your computer
IE : I want to increase the sales of my manufacturing kitchen by $2M this year.

The action steps might be:

  • Employ 2 new sales people – February and May.
  • Introduce 3 new products by May and 3 by November
  • Communicate with our existing client base with a monthly newsletter
  • Introduce a South Island distributor before – May.


These are things that you can delegate and implement that will contribute to the $1M extra sales.

Now you have make yourself accountable by giving a friend/ mentor or business coach the list of completion dates for the action steps and make an agreement to pay for lunch each time you fail to follow through as agreed.

For many self employed people it can be amazing how that last step helps them to achieve goals that have previously been elusive.

As promised last newsletter – my New Years gift!

Beeeeee Unique!…….. A few friends and I produced a small booklet of business tips (which I hope you enjoy)


(PS please contact me if you would prefer a hard copy instead of reading the ebook version).

Thanks and referrals

Whilst I am quiet busy at the moment working on a number of projects I currently have one , possibly two consulting vacancies for clients that I work one on one with.

The prime benefit of this arrangement is that it really improves the focus on your key business goals….. be they to increase sales, improve specific parts of your business or really focus on improving the bottom line. At the same time this method of consulting helps spread your costs as you pay a flat monthly fee so costs are evened out over the year. I find some clients prefer this type of consulting relationship rather than just focusing on a particular “project”

Thank you to all my special customers, associates and friends for all the work and great laughs of 2013 and I look forward to working with you to get the best results in 2014.

My Gift to you
Thinking Differently- over 100 idea starters

I have just released my first E book and for your interest I have gifted you the link to access your very own copy - pass it on to your friends!!!
Simply click on the image to access your copy now!

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