Creating helpful habits!

The trick is measuring and reminding yourself regularly: Search the net for habit building Apps for your phone, some are free, but I use “Way of Life“ App which cost a little over $6 as a one off payment? It graphs your performance reminds you of your goal, requires no set up and is very convenient to tick the daily tasks when done.

Carry on with this routine until you manage to get 21 consecutive ticks in a row on anyone task, this is the accepted measure of having created a new habit.

$20ChallengeIf you are finding this too difficult establish a reward and or a penalty – Les Probert, a friend of mine taught me the $20 trick, it is genius. Make yourself accountable by giving your friend your monthly new habit targets and a $20 note. If when he/she checks in at the end of the month you can’t produce the app showing you have succeeded they cut up the $20 bill. (watching someone cutting up your money is very action invoking)

Use it yourself and teach your staff, great for your managers when introducing new daily procedures, exercise, measuring marketing etc.

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