The conductor of your life

Imagine you as the conductor of your life and your business and the people that are your friends, associates and employees are the musicians.

If you aren’t getting beautiful music you aren’t inspiring, coordinating all the people that are available to play.

The Conductor of your LifeYou are the reason and problem for your successes, problems and failures. Rather than get depressed for what you haven’t achieved in your life, get excited about what you could achieve, what you want to do and the wonderful people that can help you.

The first time an orchestra plays it isn’t a masterpiece, but it is the start of people working together to do something more than they can on their own. Everyone’s got a very valuable contribution but every orchestra needs a conductor!

You are the conductor of your life and this isn’t a job you can contract out of so humble yourself if you need to but realise you are making the music you are hearing!

For some of my clients I use a fabulous tool called “Extended Disc” to understand what peoples natural strengths are. I have seen some amazing results from just helping people identify what instrument they are all playing.

Mark Collins
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