Challenge your self over Christmas with three opposites!

Growth only occurs when you do something different from what you previously would have done.

This is without a doubt the best time to challenge yourself to lift your expectations and open your mind.

Write down three things that you will be doing between Christmas and New Year that you are prepared to do exactly the opposite to what you normally would do. (this might be as un-threatening as being early for an event if you are notoriously late)   Of course then you need to follow through – don’t tell  anyone the reason why you have decided to behave differently.

Write down what you identified as a consequence of behaving differently as it will help you understand the power of becoming the success that you were supposed to be!!

Best wishes for 2015 and thanks to all those that regularly read my blog and encourage me with your feed back.
I will be taking a break over Christmas but I will send you something thought provoking again after the 21st of January.


Mark Collins
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