Capture your customer’s emotional state and take them on a journey.

Recently Tracey, my wife, took me to Chin Chin in Melbourne and there was a  queue of 40 plus people in front of the door. This equated to a 25 min wait and  just as we reached the head of the queue, the 4 people in front of us were told  there was another 1hr 15 min wait for a table and were sent to a lounge bar.

Then just as they were about to tell us two places suddenly appear at the service  bar, which they offered to us. Needless to say we felt very lucky. Add in some drama, engagement, hustle, tension, glasses breaking, pacey (meals with in two  or three minutes of being ordered, friendly positive advice: it was intoxicating!
And the food wasn’t that good.

Restaurants aren’t always about the food and it was fascinating to be reminded of that.


Mark Collins
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