Burning $20’s may be what it takes to achieve your goals



Check out my article in M2 on what burning $20 notes to help you achieve your business goals?

Answer these three questions now and see if burning twenties would help you?

We are more than a quarter of the way through the year so if you want this year to be different from last year?

  1. Do you have written goals that you have looked at in the last 7 days.
  2. Can you accurately measure your progress.
  3. Are you buzzing with success.

If your answer is no to anyone of these, make the necessary changes to correct that. If you can’t do it by yourself get some help (any friend can help you if you are prepared to burn $20’s until you figure it out).

I had a great 2015 and with my clients and friends we shared some great results but don’t ring me for help unless you are prepared to be successful!
Warning: This will likely require confronting yourself and probably changing your behavior but I can assure you real success feels amazing!

Mark Collins
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