Any committed person in the right job will excel!

At the risk of boring you with my value people series, everyone is valuable if they are using their natural talents well and manage to suppress any desire to self-sabotage.

Someone who never quits is a “rock” when things get tough! Someone who loves people is magic with customers. Someone who can get organised is great in logistics or as a work scheduler and team leader, someone who can create new answers is an innovator and needs freedom, someone who can see how to get there is visionary and good to bounce strategy off.

Many organisations and businesses are too small to have a specialist in every role so need people to have multiple roles. Many of these natural talents are compatible so it is just important to try and have people doing what they have talent for especially when it comes to key rolls like GM, Sales, Accounts and get help with the other stuff. Find out what your peoples natural traits using our extended disc account.

Mark Collins
My Gift to you
Thinking Differently- over 100 idea starters

I have just released my first E book and for your interest I have gifted you the link to access your very own copy - pass it on to your friends!!!
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Mark Collins