About Mark…

Hi. I’m Mark…a Specialist Food Service Consultant

New Zealand Food Service Consultant Mark CollinsAs a specialist food service consultant, helping you achieve success is what really gets me going. And by success, I mean tangible business improvements, increasing profits and significant sales growth. That’s what my clients expect, and that’s what I deliver.

A brief history on me: I’ve competed as part of the NZ Cooking Team at the Hotel Olympia in London and I’ve run several multi-million dollar food service, hospitality and food manufacturing businesses; the largest of which turned over $20m a year and employed over 230 staff. What that means for you is that not only am I a business process consultant, I understand the hands on passion that it takes to get to the top of your game, and stay there.

What my clients have in common is the desire to create and run a seriously successful food business. As your food business consultant, I will help you find the right path whether you’re exporting food, creating a chain of cafes, or running your own B&B.

I have personally experienced everything from the uncertainty of start-ups, the loneliness of being a sole trader, the challenges of partnerships and the politics of large organisations. I’ve seen the ups and the downs as economies and trends change. And I firmly believe you create your own success.

Here’s my promise to you. As a Food Service Consultant I won’t take your business on unless I know I can make a significant contribution and deliver value many times my fee. So talk to me and let’s see how we can enjoy success together.

My Expertise:

  • Mentoring, business consultancy-planning and goal setting
  • Setting up and assisting with new facilities
  • Preparing new business tenders
  • Product and system reviews
  • Evaluation and scoping of alternate food systems
  • New product development
  • Performance reviews and audits
  • Advising on tendering and contract services

The people I help are people who:

  • want to grow their food service business
  • need an expert food business consultant in specific problem areas
  • don’t have sufficient in-house resources
  • need hospitality savvy business consultant to support them and bounce ideas off
  • need a business process consultant to deliver increased profitability
  • have big ideas and don’t know where to start
  • have established businesses that aren’t growing… or worse, are losing ground
Mark Collins