6 Suggestions to make your Menu more exciting

  • Test your customer’s behavioral difference between words and descriptions. Try some new ones like: sucked, sprayed, mouthed, sniffed, swallowed, fumed, puffed, squashed, pressed OR try emotional themes sensitive, sensual, sensible.
  • Tell stories and develop how word association effects your customers attitude, taste and buying behavior.
  • Suggestion, and power words like revolution or erotic can be both exciting and scary for different people and can breath life into special menus.
  • Serve a customer a ringing phone and request they come to the kitchen, give them a special experience, share a secret tip and tell not to tell anyone.(they will- but is creates increased value)
  • Pictures can be powerful story telling tools- but really create some fascination and difference in the pictured dishes.
  • Surprises and unexpected positives are great, it really gives the customer something to talk to their friends about! (good fuel for word of mouth and social media)


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