Season opens today!

open-signToday is the official start of the Mark Collins 2016 Blogging Season.

Thank you to all those that wrote in, saying they were missing the stimulation and thought candy and encouraged me to continue. I didn’t quite mean to have that long off but I needed to get clear on how to be relevant to more people and learn a lot more about social media.
I will be adapting my focus to try and make i feel like I am only writing to you!

I would like to ask your help, to become the best I can be: if my blog strikes a cord with you please share it or like it and if it is only mildly interesting hang in there for a little while (it could be a bit like fishing). But after a bit of patience, if the material is never entertaining, humorous, informative, challenging or thought provoking unsubscribe immediately and do something better with your time. I will appreciate the clear message that sends!

Mark Collins
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