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We are cultivating a new school of ambitious business owners in a new age. A full-service Food and Hospitality consultancy minus any bureaucratic BS.

We help you conquer challenges that are holding you back from being more successful, efficient and profitable. Most importantly, we get results. Guaranteed.

Who we are

Mark Collins Ltd is a specialist consultancy that helps Food Business Owners achieve better business results with improved strategies, products and processes. 

Our mission is to deliver practical ideas, innovative tools and curated information that delivers aspirational results and helps as many SMB owners build successful businesses as possible. We believe explosive results come from incremental progress, made simultaneously in a number of key areas supported with a desire to continuously improve on yesterday.

How we help business succeed

For established food businesses that want a clear path on how they can unlock their next level.

This offering is our core speciality, helping you improve your business with industry-specific insights, gain control, generate more sales, efficiency, profit or just restore your passion and your life balance.

Leverage our 100+ years of expertise in the industry and avoid costly mistakes when developing your own product. 

We use our intimate knowledge of customer needs and wants to help guide your development taking into consideration your brand objectives, desired sales goals, nutrition, allergens, price, packaging, shelflife and ease of construction.

For food businesses who require an honest expert opinion on complex operational issues, or a second opinion on what you have been told. 

We work with you to conduct situational reviews, analysis and solution development of food businesses.

For food businesses who need to increase their sales while optimising their capacity to ensure sustainable growth (customers won’t accept an inferior experience just because you were busy)

We help you to be more profitable by empowering your people, delivering better service, better products, better customer experiences, and developing a better understanding what you want from your business and for yourself.

For food businesses who need to reach more of their ideal customers and get strategic with their online presence.

We work with you to exponentially increase your sales, get laser focused with targeting your key customers, find the data to make smart decisions and create an exceptional customer experience to increase customer loyalty.

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What our clients say

Today is the only day in the year to get things done.

Yesterday and tomorrow are no good at all, so get in touch and get your business humming.

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